About Us

Trinity Preschool Clearwater is a highly regarded school serving young families in the Tampa Bay area for more than 30 years. Our motto is Learn – Live – Love. This motto embodies the three core areas of focus for the school.

trinity preschoolLearn, represented by the book in our logo, refers to our focus on education. The school maintains low student to teacher ratios to ensure each child receives a personalized educational experience designed to maximize their opportunity for success in elementary school and beyond. We believe that each child’s time spent at Trinity provides the foundation for their ability to succeed in future academic endeavors.

Live, represented by the sapling in our logo, refers to our focus on being healthy and active. In addition to daily educational lessons, we focus on providing the fundamentals to living a healthy life. Students have two periods of physical activity on our oversized playground. Once a week, an outside gymastics program called the Tumble Bus is also made available to children on an elective basis.  We provide two healthy snacks per day to compliment the students’ lunches and we do offer to heat up lunches for those who wish to provide a warm lunch. We also recognize having fun is a part of a health lifestyle.  We offer many special events that allow the kids to have fun including parties for holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Other special events include magic shows, visiting theater groups, balloon artists and other fun performers.

Love, represented by the heart in our logo, refers to our focus on introducing our students to God’s love. Trinity students attend weekly chapel sessions hosted by our Church staff that is rooted in Reformed Christian Theology. The core of this message is focused on God representing unconditional love and Jesus as the perfect example of living out a life full of perfect love for others. Students also learn Christian music and perform concerts from time to time in special events or during our Sunday worship services on a volunteer basis.

Each of our lead teachers have a college degree, are pursuing a degree or have a CDA certification, exceeding the requirements to teach in a preschool. We strive to provide a preschool experience that exceeds all expectations focused on our three core missions of learning, living and loving.